Wedding Emergency at Solage — right place, right time!

So, in this post previous to Livy’s birthday, I was telling you the story about the day that Damion had the opportunity to capture the Vintage Reserve Band Review. I continue…but first let me tell you a little back story and explain that you never know what your day will include when you start out in the morning!

Here’s the back story: Got Light?, an awesome lighting company (OK, the best lighting company!) based out of San Francisco had originally planned to hire us for an event at Solage Calistoga, a great resort in Calistoga, on the same evening as the Vintage Reserve. Somehow, there was a little email miscommunication and they ended up hiring another photographer for that event. Fine, no problem…

So, Damion was shooting away at the Vintage Reserve, going on about his eighth hour straight when his phone rings. It’s a wedding emergency! His friend Jill Sandy, a hospitality consultant in Napa Valley, was calling from a wedding where unfortunately, the photographer that they had flown in from Texas had gotten very ill during the ceremony!! They needed someone to come to the wedding right away to help photograph the remainder of the wedding! Where was the location? Solage Calistoga 🙂 This was so awesome for a number of reasons:

1) Damion happened to be in Napa for just two days.

2) The very last event that Damion had captured a few weeks before was an event with Rebecca Feeney from Custom Event Group and was at….Solage. So Damion was familiar with the resort and it’s layout and knew exactly how to get there in the dark!

3) Come to find out, the event was put together by Jenne Hohn, who is wonderful and is very well known for her beautiful work! Damion also already knew many of the vendors.

4) We were able to meet and help out some awesome people..the Sengbushes. They are fabulous photogs from Texas and are such darling people…they’ve been in the wedding business for 35 years and I can see why they are so loved…so sweet! Damion had an instant connection with them and we are so glad to have met them.

Anyway, come to find out, it was the exact same event that Got Light? had originally wanted to hire us for…it’s so interesting how all of these things came together. Damion and I agreed that it was exactly where he was supposed to be. Damion went intending on giving, but instead gained so much in relationships…what a reward! It was such a privilege for Damion to be able to work with such a great team of people.

There is no photographic evidence (maybe it was destroyed!), but my understanding is this: because Damion rushed from the competition (in jeans and tennis shoes) and didn’t have time to go back to the hotel to get his wedding photog clothes–he had to wear a server’s uniform!!! I would have paid money to see that!! and Jill, if you see this, thanks for giving him such a hard time…I’m sure I would have been cracking up too!

Here’s the gorgeous event created by Jenny Hohn with lighting by Got Light? that he had the privilege of capturing:

Solage Calistoga in the evening

Lounge areas on the lawn showcasing Got Light?’s talents

For those of you who love the Mason jar look!

Reception at Solage. One amazing effect that Got Light? produced is that the entire room changed color at least three times, from this warm amber/red hue, to purple, to pink!

Love the candles in the trees and the ring above the dance floor shown below. It created beautiful shadows and gave the illusion of raining flowers over the dance floor.

The beautiful couple, Megan and Kevin

Enjoying the party!

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