Krista & Jeremy…..Sarah & Kyle Too!!!

In this business I meet all breeds of people.  Our ultimate goal is relationship.   Otherwise, its just business and well, that makes it just plain, boring, and empty.  Krista & Jeremy started out as Engagement & Wedding clients and in that a relationship was formed and resulted in a lasting friendship.  Almost 2 years later, here we are sharing our lives, hopes, dreams and our new home!  Yep, this week they became the first house guests since our move to Napa a little over 2 months ago and it was just a joy having them.  Quite frankly it was sad to see them go.  We even set our alarm at 5:50am just a little early than their planned 6am departure time, just so we could say one last good bye, only to see they were a little bit ahead of schedule and we missed them by just mere moments.    The house just felt empty, even our children asked of them when they woke up because of the impact their presence had in our home and our hearts.  This is so much more than just business and these moments are what reminds us to keep doing what we do….investing in people’s lives.  It truly delivers amazing rewards beyond what we could imagine and is safer, I think, than any stock market out there.


Our new friend Sarah Lane and I thought it would be fun to get together and do some shooting and push ourselves out of the box we like to call our “Comfort Zone”.   I personally have never been to keen on change…but if I were to tell you everything that has “Changed” in the last year….well…I’m a little bit braver now!  So with Sarah’s magnificent connections, she talked Kyle into coming down and modeling for us, and my lovely wife (as brilliant as she is) suggested that I ask Krista & Jeremy to come model as well!  Now being that we have photographed K & J on three separate occasions with stellar results….I was like “Dude…why didn’t I think of that?”  Needless to say, it was on…and we had a blast….got some incredible images and someday…I’ll be able to get the Fun, Hip & Fresh images Sarah does. Be sure to check out the ridiculous images Sarah captured by clicking right HERE!!

Kyle…you rock bro…thank you so much for the honor of being behind the camera while you’re in front.  It truly wouldn’t have been the same if we switched places!

Sarah…you’re an inspiration to the photographic community and it was a blessing to work beside you!  Thank you!

Krista & Jeremy…we love you….Sooooo much.  Miss you.  Can’t wait to see you again……and……WE love you and we miss you……..

Ok…here are the images….really…I mean it this time.

The "Krista" pose. Birthed in a moment on their wedding day!



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