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Know anyone that’s thinking of popping THE QUESTION?? If it’s you, keep reading! If it’s someone else, then quick, forward this blog post to them because this is about to change their life!! Every person who is asking that all important, once in a lifetime question wants to make it a hands-down, incomparable, unforgettable experience that your beloved will never forget, of course! No pressure right? Well, we recently met someone who makes dreams like this come true! We are so excited to introduce you to Heather Vaughn, President of The Yes Girls Events, who specializes in helping create and execute amazing, beautiful proposals all across the country! One of their proposals was actually featured on the Travel Channel this past weekend 🙂 Here’s what Heather has to say:

Julie: Heather, what exactly is “The Yes Girls” and what is it about?

Heather: The Yes Girls Events is a marriage proposal, wedding, and special event planning company. Most importantly, we are a team of best friends who are passionate about creating fresh, creative, and romantic elements for someone’s special day. Our goal is to personalize each marriage proposal and wedding to the couple and to bring out the unique personalities their relationship holds. We are in love with love!

J: What made you decide to delve into this unique service of planning proposals?

H: It’s safe to say I’m a romantic. My best friend and I talked about becoming wedding planners since junior high. That initial love turned into internships in college and hours researching all we could mentally obtain about the wedding industry. One day we were reading various marriage proposal stories and I thought, “wow some guys could really use a female’s perspective when it comes to a romantic moment like a proposal.” That planted the first seed.

When I graduated from CU Boulder, I started researching and I didn’t find any helpful proposal resources for men; this inspired my proposal planning company, The Yes Girls, to provide a service that would help guys, crazy in love with their fiancées-to-be, create a proposal idea completely catered to their relationship. That’s how I came up with our three different marriage proposal packages. Working with our clients’ budgets, we help them create a personalized proposal and/or plan and coordinate all the details. Why should men have to use another guy’s idea when every relationship is unique and “so them”? Doesn’t it only make sense the proposal is unique as well?

J: I hear you’ve now planned upwards of 150 proposals! Can you give us an example of one of your favorite proposals that you’ve planned lately?

H: Yes, that’s right and we have been blessed to be a part of every single one! It is truly hard to chose a favorite but a recent proposal we helped plan aired on Travel Channel on August 28th and I think it’s pretty darn amazing! Time Jeanson and Jessica Soberay, an endearing surfing couple from Huntington Beach, CA are kind enough to share their love story and one of the most unique marriage proposals with America.  After two years of dating, Tim was ready to ask Jessica to be his wife at the same location they shared their first date.  Jessica, being an avid surfer, showed up for what she thought was a follow-up casting call for a tribute to Huntington Beach, the surf capital. A few days prior, Jessica and Tim came down to be the Sand Masters surfing models for the sculpture.  Little did she know the sand sculpture was actually all for her.

Behind the scenes, The Yes Girls worked with Tim to create his proposal idea and design. The proposal idea was to create a gigantic barreling sand wave with memories from their relationship scattered throughout.  He loved the idea of two separate waves merging into one wave, their wave of life! He incorporated her lifelong dream of working with Orcas, roses from their first date, and suitcases labeled with every destination they have traveled to together into the concept. 

As the couple began to admire the sculpture, Jessica, slowly but surely caught on that this was in fact not a tribute to the city but to her.  As Jessica rounded the corner, she came face to face with a life-size sand sculpture of Tim and herself on a surfboard.  Tim’s sand duplicate was on one knee in the “Proposal Pose” presenting an engagement ring! Tim walked right to the sculpture and mimicked its pose as he asked Jessica, “Will you marry me?” You can imagine the size of the crowd a magnificent sand sculpture draws forth, especially for a marriage proposal. Strangers waited for hours to witness this proposal and wildly cheered once she said yes. Amongst the strangers were two of her best friends waiting to congratulate Jessica.

Thinking the proposal couldn’t possibly get any better, another surprise was awaiting their company.  In front of “She Said Yes” carved in the sand sculpture, was a romantic picnic adorned with blankets, pillows, her favorite romance novels, favorite flowers, favorite wine, and the exact meal they shared on their first date!

Click HERE for the link to The Yes Girls Events post and HERE for a special video of the creation of the masterpiece from the Travel Channel!

J: I love your “How to Pop the Question Page”! Could you share one “do” and one “don’t” for all those potential grooms to be who might be thinking about asking THE question? 

Do- The biggest “do” in our book is to personalize the proposal to your relationship and specifically to your girlfriend. Think about her favorite memories, what she enjoys doing together, her dreams for the future, where she’s always want to go, her favorite book, flower, color, etc. Starting with any of those will help you focus on her and what she would want. Coinciding with that, it’s always helpful to get a female’s opinion on your proposal idea before you go pop the question.

Don’t – We have heard too many times…“He did what he thought was cool rather than what I would find romantic or sweet.” Simply put, don’t go propose on a jumbo tron if your girlfriend isn’t a diehard sports fanatic. Immediately, throw out any cliché ideas because your girlfriend is worth the effort! 🙂

More help on How to Pop the Question

J: I hear there’s a web series coming soon, can you tell us about that?

H: Yes, we are so excited! We are currently working with a phenomenal production company on this series and each episode will feature a new love story and marriage proposal with the help of The Yes Girls. Our website will be the main host for the series. In short, it’s a TV show via the web.

J: That’s going to be awesome! Where can our readers see more about THE YES GIRLS and learn more about what you do?

H: For additional information on marriage proposals, weddings, and our team, readers are welcome to stop by our website or catch past work on our blog


Video: Why Hire A Proposal Planner?

Thanks Heather for sharing so much info with us! This is truly a valuable service and one that we would recommend to anyone searching for the ultra special way to propose to your beloved!

Keep romancing, Julie





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