Holiday Decor & Details–Christmas Tree Farm | Damion Hamilton | Napa Photographer

In honor of our great Christmas tree adventure today,  I wanted to share with you a detail that we’ve seen used at some really cool parties–Christmas Tree Farms.  We were lucky enough to get to do this family portrait session at the Silveyville Christmas Tree Farm in Dixon recently (You’ll see more of the photos later!) and the variety and height of the trees made for so much fun, especially with the little ones.  We’ve seen parties that create the Christmas tree farm magic indoors as part of their design, even at The Palace in SF.  You can do it at home too–one year we had seven trees of varying heights in the house.  I know that’s very far from the most out there, but it was fun.  What is the biggest number of trees you’ve had?



On a personal note, we had a BLAST Today going out to the Davis Estates on a beautiful 37 degree day (when we started!), hunting down a perfect tree on the quads and chopping it down! We’ve never chopped our own tree, but it was SO fun!! Don’t take the photographic quality too seriously in these…they’re straight out of the iphone! Thanks to Kara who arranged the whole thing and took us all around the property and took the last picture!

photo copy

Damion and the

We ALL took our turn chopping, even me.20131213_105755

We came, we rode, we chopped, we CONQUERED!

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