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Last time we talked about room mis-alignment, but this week we’re getting down to the nitty gritty of the details. Let’s just get it out in the open: it drives me CRAZY when I see websites, blogs, or magazines with ridiculous misalignment issues!  I won’t name any publications, but don’t you see it all the time? The flatware is wonky, pointing this way and that OR you can’t even see the flatware because it’s shoved under the edges of the charger. Chairs are way out of alignment or sometimes even missing from the table setting. I even read recently about place settings appearing backwards because the image is flipped to make it more appealing.  Have you noticed any of these faux pas?

Let’s be honest. It’s not the designers fault, we can’t blame them.  We work with some amazing designers who make sure that their hands touch every single item on the table and that makes our job easier.  However, sometimes they don’t get to because they are putting out other fires and handling other issues.  The responsibility for what is captured in camera lies in the hands of the photographer.  I understand, it’s not your job to set the table.  I get it.  But it is your job to make the vendors and event designers looks as amazing as possible and guess what it takes….great alignment.  Commitment to alignment is a distinct hallmark of an excellent decor & detail  photographer. 

For example, this is how I will find a typical table when I arrive to shoot detail and decor.  Notice the position of the chargers and the orientation of the flatware.  Not good. Why not make it better?

Damion Hamilton, Alignment, The Detail Experience


Take a few minutes to adjust the table accordingly to make the pictures look like this–so much better!!

 Damion hamilton, Alignment, The Detail Experience


By aligning the table settings, you not only  make yourself look better, but you make the vendor look awesome.  Win-win.  Next, I’m going to show you some examples of beautiful alignment and some examples of images from our archives that you should avoid taking.

Damion Hamilton, Alignment, Table Settings, The Detail Experience

Beautiful alignment!

These two tables are great examples of wonderful alignment.  The left is by Jess Flood Event Design, the right is from Sasha Souza Events.  Yes, a lot of work went into making these tables look this this, but it is worth it to get that priceless image.

Here are some examples of alignment issues from our archives.  If you come across these scenarios, please correct before capturing the image.  Can you see what’s wrong in each image? These are fairly obvious.

Damion Hamilton, Alignment, The Detail Experience

POOR Alignment. Fix these issues BEFORE taking the picture!

 And what about this one? Some alignment issues are a little more subtle. Can you see the problem?

Damion Hamilton, alignment, The Detail Experience

Can you find the misalignment in this image? I should have fixed it before taking the photo!

 We beg, we plead, before you take the final snap, look closely at the details. Examine the details carefully to produce a stunning, perfect picture that will make those in your industry look as good as they are.  After all, once the moment is gone, you can not go back for a re-do!

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