Meet Damion & Julie


-Damion’s “Can’t live without” list:

-HITT/Crossfit work outs!  Pushups, Burpee’s, rowing, pull-ups, you name it…I have to get my workout on.  This is the only way I can stay in tip top shape to be at my best for your event!
-Trying new things. The same old daily routine when it comes to photos makes things dull! Lets have fun and try some stuff!
-Laugher- You can’t take life too seriously!
-Breve Mocha, Craft wheat beers and a good sipping 12-24 yr rum…the more aged, the better.
-Banging the tubs, wood shedding, otherwise known as playing the drums
-People to talk to. Its where he gets his energy, especially late at night cruising the dance floor after he’s been shooting a wedding all day!
-Peanut Butter cups made with dark chocolate…Bouchon Bakery makes the best!!
– Protein shakes, and anything clean (with exception of peanut butter cups & Mocha’s;)

-Traveling and new experiences!  He was never one to branch out and do new things, but this job has changed his perspective and provided so many adventures.

-What makes Damion a great father to two daughters is what makes him a good photographer! He’s very in tune with emotions & priceless moments.

-Damion is one of the very hardest working and thorough men I know. He is always looking for the very best way to do things, to make the process most efficient and most productive possible. This is something I (Julie) admire about him!


-Julie’s “Will die without” list:
-Tall decaf Americano with streamed Breve. If I’ve gone on a long run though, I really crave a decaf mocha!
-HITT/Crossfit work outs.  Julie is a beast and always beats me (Damion) on the cardio side.
-Puzzles. If I’m doing a puzzle that means I’m relaxed.
-I’m kind of obsessed with art by Christopher Marley. He creates art from bugs and animals. The variety, color and form is amazing!! Check it out at
-Time alone. This is how I energize. It’s why I exercise!

-What I (Damion) believe makes Julie such an amazing mother & photographer is that she is incredibly patient, the most amazing encourager to people, sees the best in everyone, always wants to have fun and is an amazing organizer of people! She is game for almost anything!


-We are 3rd generation business owners in the City of Napa!

-We also never wanted to own a business! Huh…funny how things work 🙂 Now we LOVE IT!!

-We love hosting guests.

-We prefer being together more than with anyone else! The moments we spend alone together usually entails enjoying the amazing Napa food scene (we are kind of baby foodies) and driving thru this gorgeous valley!!

-Our family loves going to the beach and being on the water…the girls too. We miss So. Cal beaches!!! (We lived there for 14 years)

-Friends and family are very important to us, but in between all that…relationship is what we like the most.

-It’s wonderful to capture weddings together, because we remember our wedding day and how much it means to us!

-As often as possible, we set aside a tech free day so that we can focus on the moments at hand…can’t let them pass us by.

– Instagram or Facebook is WAY better to keep up to date with us than our blog. It’s just the way we roll.

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